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LUTS Pack #2

This pack contains 5 high quality LUTs, or look up tables, designed to streamline your editing workflow. Below is a description of each one:

1. Easy Mono: This LUT will give you a seamless black and white look, but not overdo the contrast and shadows.

2. Punch: This LUT will provide saturation and contrast without making your image suffer. In other words, it is a great LUT to apply in small doses.

3. Classical III: Based off of our "Classical" and "Classical II" Lightroom presets, this LUT subtly applies a smooth classical and somewhat pink adjustment to your image.

4. Warm Fade: A personal favorite, this LUT will cinematically make your image look like a warmer and faded shot taken in the late '70s.

5. Fall III: A more casual version of the warm fade, mostly for those of you who shoot in automatic color temperatures and whose camera already created a warm image...

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