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Modern Lightroom Presets Pack #2

This presets pack provides 5 stunning modern looks! They are as follows:

1. B&W 1: This preset is a teaser for the next pack, which will be all black and white or monochromatic. It is a high contrast, black and white presets pack.

2. Detail: Similar to HDR, this preset will add a wave of detail and sharpness to your image.

3. Landscape HDR: This preset is more color-centralized, and is guaranteed to make your landscape image pop from neutral to clear and colorful.

4. Natural: This preset is designed specifically for plants or nature, as it brings out the greens and other natural colors in your image.

5. Fall: This preset feels warm. Not only will it make your image soothing and hearth-like, summertime will refrain from washing out cooler colors and will also apply a slight vignette .

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