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Vintage Lightroom Presets Pack #1

This presets pack provides 5 stunning vintage looks! They are as follows:

1. Washed: Washed takes your punchy/saturated photo and gives it a gray, neutral and washed out look, while still preserving the whites in the photo, so that true washing out does not occur. This is a gorgeous look and is one that many vintage-look-obsessed hipsters strive for.

2. Toy: This preset will make your photo warm, slightly grainy and slightly soft, so that your photo looks as if it was taken on a very high-quality toy camera.

3. Icy: Any photo at any color temperature will now become a cold, mean, wintery photo that makes one want to wrap up in a blanket.

4. Classical: Though more subtle than the other presets from the vintage pack, classical is the perfect way to use a less extreme preset and still create an older looking image.

5. Old T&O: Teal and orange, my old friend. Considering that this is an incredibly overused preset, I decided to incorporate it into a vintage feeling preset. Old T&O will give your photograph a teal and orange color scheme, but it will also fade your photo out and apply less extreme color changes, so that you now have an original looking image and you won't be criticized for following what the crowd is doing these days. Check it out.

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