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Vintage Lightroom Presets Pack #2

1. Technicolor: Inspired by the popular leader-of-colorization of films in the 1950s, this preset will colorize and fade your photo simultaneously and create a retro-yet-colorful look.

2. Washed II: The "sequel" to Washed, this preset will fade your photo, give it contrast, adjust the highlights and whites, and give you a better version of the trendy fade out look.

3. Toy II: The "sequel" to Toy, this preset will make your photo feel warm and vintage, but will not come at the cost of detail.

4. Classical II: The "sequel" to Classical, this preset will make your photo warm yet slightly red, contrasting the colors commonly pushed forwards in photos right now, while still seeming as if your camera is one from the 20th century.

5. Neutral Killer: Before you can get to applying these fantastic presets, you need some detail and color in your photo after shooting in neutral, or flat. This preset will take care of that.

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